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     Estate Agency Software
A while back we were commissioned to produce a website for a firm of estate agents, and after visiting their offices, were quite astounded at how little automation was available for the industry.

To make matters worse, we were surprised by how complicated the procedures were for utilising existing systems.

We therefore suggested that provided they had a copy of Microsoft Office, we should be able to provide a fully automated system for them for less than 1,000.

Our system comes complete with a fully interactive and easy to update website.

With our system, once the estate agent has viewed the new property and taken digital photographs, he downloads them onto a PC.

He then fills in a flexible decription template, and saves the result both to hard drive of the PC as well as to the internet website.

He can also save a version of the filled in template as a poster to place in the office window.

The system is very user friendly, and printed procedures are also included in the package, as well as 1 days free on-site training

Should more training still be required, this is available at just 25.00 per hour plus travel time.

Click Here to view an example of an estate agency using our system.