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     Search Engineering
The best designed website website in the world is useless unless people know it's there.

For this reason, we recommend that once your website has gone live, you should promote it however you can. We recommend that you include your web address on business cards, stationery, promotional literature, in advertising, and any other ways you can think of.

The internet itself can also be used to promote your website, on bulletin boards, newsgroups, chatrooms, link exchanges, and search engines.

There are essentially 3 types of search engines :

Chargeable Directories - These include Yell, and Ask Jeeves etc, and they make a charge to advertise your website.

Free Directories - These include Yahoo etc.

Spiders - These are the most common form of search engine, and always give more results, as they continuously trawl the World Wide Web making a note of every website they encounter. This type of search engine includes Hot Bot, Alta Visa, Infoseek, Lycos, Web Crawler, and many thousands more.

There are two ways to get your website noticed by the search engines. You can either register your site with them, or you can wait for a spider to visit your site, but the most important thing is that once your website is known to a search engine, it knows how to categorize your site.

There's no point in a search engine getting to find your website if the index page just says "Welcome to our Website" or even just displays a graphic, although that may be all you want to be seen on your opening page.

This is where search engineering comes in. When we design a website for you, we invisibly embed all the keywords connected with your business into the site, enabling search engines to correctly categorize your business.

The cost of this is included in our web design service, however, your site should also be regularly re-visited and re-registered with search engines, to keep your site high up on the list of displayed results.

You are free to do this yourself, or if you would like, we are able to offer this service at a cost of just 25.00 per hour, for as many hours as you would like us to spend on it, as often as you require.